Consumer-Direct eCommerce by Foreign Imports? Problem Solved!

The Challenge:
Access to the U.S. Consumer

Even while the U.S. wine market is growing opportunities for imports continue to shrink. Mergers among wholesale distributors have reduced their number by 75% over the last 30 years. Today, the 10 largest distributors control 58% of the U.S. market.

Big box and national retail chain stores dominate local markets with unmatched buying power, reducing selection and squeezing profit margins.

The result is that access to the U.S. wine market is being guarded by fewer and fewer gatekeepers, while at the same time there are more world-class wines than ever seeking the attention of American consumers. There are an estimated 15,000 or more wine brands competing in the U.S., but only 300 sell more than 100,000 cases annually.

The Solution:
Online Consumer-Direct Sales

With the U.S. witnessing the largest expansion of wine drinkers in more than two generations the trend is that more consumers want more choice, more access, and more availability. Amazingly, while the industry is limiting opportunities for distribution, the U.S. consumer is demanding more.

Of all the advantages that American wineries have in their home market, the biggest advantage – direct-to-consumer sales – is the most profitable and fastest growing sales segment in the entire U.S. wine industry. Now for the first time, imports can join in this highly dynamic opportunity for marketing and sales directly to American consumers:

Whole World WinesSM provides the complete eCommerce solution that enables imported wineries to sell “direct” to consumers in the U.S. from their own websites!

The Benefits

With Whole World Wines, foreign wineries and their U.S. importers can realize more sales, greater distribution, higher margins, and better profitability, all the while enhancing their market, building their brands, and developing customer relationships in the U.S. using consumer-direct sales.

We invite you to view our video presentation and explore the solution and benefits provided by Whole World Wines.