About Us

Whole World Wines is the evolutionary next step for its founders, Doug Diefenthaler and Ken Shoemaker. With decades of experience in all sales channels of the wine industry, from winery to distribution to retail, Whole World Wines represents the confluence of that experience with the proven power of the internet.

Formally established in 2009, Whole World Wines is the marketing branch for BuyWineUSA, a California eCommerce retailer that leverages the reach and flexibility of the internet to enable consumer-direct online sales in the U.S. for foreign wineries.

The team at Whole World Wines works with a deep knowledge of, and an abiding enthusiasm for wines from all around the world. This dynamic combination of experience, interest, and understanding of imported wines and the U.S. wine market makes Whole World Wines a rich solution that respects and enhances the industry’s sales channels while creating a seamless online transaction for the American consumer.

Doug Diefenthaler


Doug Diefenthaler made the decision to make his life’s work in the wine industry while finishing studies at Ohio State University (BS Ag Econ‘78). Spanning over 30 years, this decision led Doug through the many tiers of the American wine industry, from sales and sales management to brand and national marketing management for leading wholesalers, importers, and wineries in the industry.

In 1989 Doug co-founded the New Mexico Wine Patrol with Ken Shoemaker, and spent the next 11 years building the wholesale distributorship into a model fine wine house for both domestic and imported wineries. Success caught the eye of an industry giant in 2000 who then purchased NMWP from Doug and Ken.

Ken Shoemaker


Ken Shoemaker began his 30-year career in the business as a wine educator in the late 1970s. His zest for and knowledge of his subject quickly identified him as one of the leading retail wine consultants in the western U.S. This invaluable experience and Ken’s steadfast commitment to customer service were ingredients for success in 1989 when co-founding the New Mexico Wine Patrol with Doug Diefenthaler.

Admired and respected by clients and suppliers alike, the combined, compatible, and complimentary experience of the two founders proved auspicious at NMWP and created one of the country’s most esteemed wine distributorships.