Whole World WinesSM brings all of the benefits of consumer-direct sales to foreign wineries and their U.S. importers without the risk or cost.

Benefits of Consumer-Direct Sales

  • Build brand recognition.
  • Build relationships directly with consumers, especially key opinion builders within social circles.
  • Create new sales.
  • Create more profitable sales.
  • Market low volume production, rare, specialty, end-of-bin, and library wines effectively.
  • Test market new wines with loyal consumers.
  • Inspire loyal consumers to visit the winery, tasting room, or sponsored events.
  • Create more sales in local markets through on-premise and off-premise accounts and appointed wholesale distributors.

Benefits of the Whole World Wines eCommerce Solution

Whole World Wines’ solution brings the above benefits to foreign wineries and their U.S. importers.

  • BuyWineUSA is a sound, proven platform for efficient eCommerce built upon the wine industry leading Submerce┬« eBusiness Solutions.
  • Builds relationships between U.S. importers and their foreign wine suppliers.
  • Creates a new “consumer-direct” sales channel through the foreign wineries’ websites for U.S. importers.
  • Creates equal access to American consumers for foreign wineries.
  • Creates a new revenue stream for U.S. importers and their foreign wine suppliers.
  • Does not compete with an importer’s existing wholesale distributors and off-premise account customers.
  • Keeps the U.S. importer in full and complete control over selection, inventory levels, pricing, and order sizes.
  • Provides new market data and information vital to marketing efforts.
  • Works with the existing three-tier sales channel, and is fully compliant with all laws and regulations.

Whole World Wines is a win-win for U.S. importers and their foreign wine suppliers, a solution that creates a new, viable, sales channel while, at the same time, preserves and enhances their existing channel customer relationships, and allowing them the flexibility to pursue their own business models.