The Solution

Consumer-Direct eCommerce for Imports

Whole World WinesSM is the comprehensive solution for U.S. importers and their foreign winery suppliers, allowing them for the first time to tap into the same unlimited potential for consumer-direct sales that American wineries already enjoy.

For over thirty years, the founding partners of Whole World Wines have worked zealously in all tiers of the U.S. wine market, including importing, wholesaling, retailing, brand building, and national sales management, bringing a full palette of experience.

The mission of Whole World Wines is to empower foreign wineries to achieve a level playing field with U.S. wineries by providing a fully compliant, proxy platform for eCommerce that enables direct-to-consumer wine sales in the U.S. These consumer-direct sales promote critically important brand- and relationship-building directly with the American consumer.

The Whole World Wines Process

The Whole World Wines solution starts by providing an eCommerce platform, BuyWineUSA, which allows a U.S. importer, working with his foreign winery suppliers, to make available selected inventory for purchase by American consumers.

An American consumer visits a foreign winery’s website and, via the BuyWineUSA Purchase link, can place an order directly through the website.

The order is processed through the foreign winery’s appointed U.S. importer and BuyWineUSA, a California eCommerce-only retailer. The importer retains full control over inventory selection, stock availability, and U.S. retail pricing.

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