The Who

BuyWineUSA is an eCommerce platform that hosts online shopping carts linked to foreign wineries’ websites, and provides cart administration functions to their U.S. importers to manage and maintain their U.S. product offerings.

BuyWineUSA is a fully compliant, licensed California wine retailer, but is strictly a proxy business for providing the aforementioned eCommerce platform. There is no bricks-and-mortar offline retail store: BuyWineUSA will only sell imported wines associated with a licensed U.S. importer, and only those wines so designated by the associated U.S. importer, and only online through the foreign wineries’ websites’ links to the BuyWineUSA eCommerce platform.

BuyWineUSA purchases wines through licensed California wholesalers or directly from U.S. importers holding a California wholesale license.

The How

The Whole World Wines solution begins with a U.S. consumer visiting a foreign winery’s website, looking for information and possibly to purchase wine.

The foreign winery’s website has been enabled with the BuyWineUSA eCommerce platform’s shopping cart. The consumer clicks on the BuyWineUSA shopping cart link and is presented with wines available for sale in the U.S. by the foreign winery.

The American consumer then adds wines to a shopping cart as they normally would as if purchasing from a domestic winery.

Checkout presents the consumer with normal options and a typical eCommerce process.

The order is then sent to the foreign winery’s U.S. importer for approval and, upon approval, sent to the industry consolidator and shipping fulfillment partner for Whole World Wines, Cobalt Consolidators, for pickup at the U.S. importer’s warehouse, packing, and shipping via common carrier to the consumer.

The consumer receives the wine as if shipped directly from the foreign winery through the invisible and efficient BuyWineUSA eCommerce platform and the unique Whole World Wines solution.

The Backend

Whole World Wines has endeavored to keep the foreign wineries’ U.S. importers in complete and full control. The BuyWineUSA platform provides full management of the shopping cart to a U.S. importer:

  • Control over selection of products;
  • Quantity available for purchase (product allocations);
  • Order quantities permitted of any given product (minimum and maximum order quantities);
  • Setting suggested retail pricing;
  • Sales statistics and data for review and analysis.

The importer administration panel allows for setting stock backorders, pre-arrivals, and availability alerts to consumers interested in new arrivals or restocks, providing complete control over what, when, and how much is available of their own inventories.

We invite you to view our video presentation and explore the solution and benefits provided by Whole World Wines.